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Payson Utah Real Estate

Payson Utah

The Payson Utah Real Estate Market is actually hot! We currently have 105 homes for sale. Out of that 105 homes we have 28 short sales. Most of the short sales in Payson Utah have not been approved by the bank.

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Real Estate in Payson

About two years ago 50% of the Payson Utah Real Estate homes were short sales and bank foreclosures. Currently 25% of the homes in Payson Utah are short sales. Compared to other cities in Utah County this is the average amount of short sales. Eighteen of the current short sales have offers pending. Only ten are approved short sales available for offers. Most of the short sale in Payson Utah have offers pending. This means if you want to buy a short sale in Payson you will have to look thru the few available without offers, wait in a back-up position or find a new short sale listing. Waiting in a back-up position on an unapproved short sale in Payson Utah is a terrible idea. Your statistical odds of getting a short sale home in back-up position is perhaps around 10%. It is like buying a raffle ticket.

The Payson Utah Real Estate market has really been improving since January of 2012. In my opinion this is when the market began it’s true correction. Prices had been trending downward from 2007-2011. This was a five year downward run on the Payson Utah Real Estate Market. However, we should now enjoy a move in the positive direction. Do you need help buying Payson Utah Real Estate?

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Sale Pending Homes in Payson Utah

We currently have 34 homes that are sale pending in Payson Utah.  The prices range from $84k – $850k. Many of these homes are short sales. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Payson Utah hire a local Real Estate Broker that is familiar with the city. Contact Paul and tell him what you are looking for in a new home. Paul may be able to match you up with a home that is not yet listed.

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