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Home Buyers in Payson Utah

Buy a Home in Payson Utah

If you are looking to buy a home in Payson Utah here are some tips. Finding the right home for your family can take time and effort. Team Teasdale Realty wants your buying experience to be a positive, fun experience. Our team will help you get the best price and terms on a home. We will help make the buying process as simple as possible. We look forward to helping you find a home to buy in Payson Utah.

home buyers in payson utah

Step 1:  Home Buyers in Payson Utah: Prequal Letter 

If you are looking to buy a home in Payson Utah we can help you. First you will need to get prequalified for a loan. Find a Payson lender that you trust and get them to give you a prequalification letter. If you don’t have a lender contact Paul Teasdale with Team Teasdale Realty. Paul will recommend a few good lenders in Payson or throughout Utah County.

The prequalification letter will help you determine if you are shopping in your correct price range. Meeting with a lender will help you determine what your future payment will be. Most importantly, when you bring an offer you will need to present a prequalification letter. If you don’t have one it will make your offer look weak. Home buyers in Payson Utah will need a prequalification letter prior to shopping for a home.

Step 2:  Search Homes for Sale in Payson Utah

Start searching for Payson Utah homes. Use the search homes link below. This link will provide access to the public MLS. Here you will find all the homes for sale on the MLS with Realtors in Payson Utah and throughout Utah County. If you see any homes for sale that you like write down the MLS number and address. Contact Paul Teasdale of Team Teasdale Realty and discuss the current availability of each home. Our team has worked with many home buyers in Payson Utah that have used our search to find their home.

Step 3:  Drive by the Payson Utah Homes

Once you are certain the homes are available with no pending offers you will need to do a drive-by. It is beneficial for you to make a list of all the Payson Utah homes that peak your interest and drive by the homes. You may not like the neighborhood or proximity to busy roads or train. Eliminate all the homes that are in areas that don’t interest you. Narrow down the homes to the ones you would like to see inside. Next, let’s make a plan to go see the homes together.

Step 4:  Let’s Start Looking a Homes for Sale on Your List!

Make an appointment with Paul Teasdale and let’s go see some homes. It typically takes 20 minutes to view a home and get to the next home. This means you will probably get to see three homes in one hour. Try not to see too many homes in one day or you may get confused. Plan to see homes for between 1-3 hours. It is a good idea to take notes when you go shopping for a home. Paul Teasdale has been selling homes in Payson Utah since 1995 and has sold over 1,100 homes throughout Utah County. Paul will help you negotiate an excellent price and terms on the home you choose. 

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