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Payson Utah Market Conditions

Updates on the Payson Utah Real Estate Market

The number of homes for sale in Payson Utah typically fluctuates between 50-100 available homes. The Payson Utah real estate market was slow between 2007-2011. The Payson market was full of Payson Utah short sales and Payson Utah bank foreclosures. In fact, during these years about 50% of the homes were distressed properties. However, at the begining of 2012 the Payson Utah Real Estate Market started moving again and prices started increasing thru 2013 and 2016.

Paul Teasdale the principal broker of Team Teasdale Realty makes regular youtube videos about the current Utah County Market Conditions. This video is very relevant to the Payson Utah Real Estate Market. I encourage you to watch it and familiarize yourself with the current direction of the Payson market. If you have specific questions about the real estate market feel free to contact Paul Teasdale directly. Contact Paul Teasdale

Payson Utah Market Conditions and Trends

The Payson Utah market conditions contributes to the determination of fair market value. For example, if pricing a Payson property for sale, the laws of supply and demand apply. In a seller’s market, the supply of real estate property is lower than the demand of qualified buyers. Therefore, the fair market value in a seller’s market would be higher. In a buyer’s market, the supply of real estate property is greater than the demand of qualified buyers. In that case, the fair market value would be lower. 

It is important to understand if the Payson Utah real estate market is a buyer's market or a seller's market. If you are a buyer or a seller in Payson you need to know the current market trends. Feel free to conact Paul or one of his Payson Utah Realtors for an update of the current Payson UT market trends.

Payson utah market conditions

When to Buy a Home in Payson Utah 

Ideally, you should buy a home in the off real estate season. The Payson Utah Real Estate market is in it's prime from March to November. After Thanksgiving sales slow down until March. Buyer's are busy doing other things during December and they are just not in the mood to shop in January. The phones at Team Teasdale Realty start going nuts in March. A little warmer weather and everyone wants to buy a Payson home at the same time. It is important to understand their are still buyers in the Payson Utah Real Estate Market only about have as many as the other months.

Finding the perfect Payson Utah market conditions to buy a home is a little harder and riskier. You could decide to wait to buy a home because prices went up, but then prices go up further and you can no longer afford a home in the area you want. As long as you plan on living in your home for 10-plus years, buy a home when you want to and where you want to, as long as you stick to your affordable payment range. 

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